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 Read this before Posting.

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PostSubject: Read this before Posting.   Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:19 am

-You can have just 1 account.
-Advertising is not allowed.
-Dont reply with meaningless words.
-Dont Insult other members, and PM mods if anyone insults you.

-If you are starting a thread, be sure that its in the correct section.
-Before posting any stuffs, please check the forum if it has been posted before.
-Dont talk about John's Personal life.
-This is a Cena Fan Forum, so NO BASHING on cena, if you get cought you'll be BANNED immediatly

-Go through the forum before posting any media, if the media is already posted or not.
-Whenever you post any media, hide the link with the following code without "*":
[hide*] Link [/hide*]
-In order to see the links members needs to reply to that thread
Note: Dont post meaningless words or you'll be Warned/Banned.

-You need 20 posts to request, else you will be warned.
-Check the forum first, if the nedia is avilable on the forum or not.
-Dont post requests in any other section.Dont span by requesting twice... thrice... a same media.

-Avatar is the Profile picture for the members and it is attached with the posts.
-Members can have Images/Text/Animations/etc on their avatars.
-NUDITY/Advertising no allowed on avatars.
-Your avatar should not be more than 150/200pixcels of size.

-Signature is attached below the posts posted by any member.
-Members can have Images/Text/Animations/etc on their signatures.
-Your Avarat should not contain any kind of NUDITY or Abusive characters or Advertisements.
-Members can have maximum 1 image on their signatures.
-The maximum size on a image can be 600x200pixcels.

-The shoutbox is for chatting purpose.
-All Members are allowed to comment in the shoutbox.
-No spamming is allowed.
-No Advertisement/ No off site link allowed.
-No requesting allowed.

-A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member.
-Warning will be given if breaking above rules.
-After the 3rd Warning, your account will be banned.

Have a good time.
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Read this before Posting.
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